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Video Game Recommendations

Just a quick little post here explaining what should be expected for “Video Game Recommendations”. I’ll go through my library of video games (most of them won’t be the latest games, but still I’ll try to recommend those that are really fun), then I’ll pick one to recommend and make a post on it.

The format MAY follow as such:

  • Introduction (Game Name | Genre | Platforms it is on | Year of release)
  • Brief explanation of the video game (spoiler free)
  • Why I recommend it

Seeing as how I have loads of PS3 and PC games, this should go on for quite a while. Please keep in mind that if you don’t have a PS3 anymore (have moved on to PS4), don’t worry. Some games should be playable on PS4 through Sony’s game streaming service, not to mention the number of remasters this generation started out with.

PS3 games will be more recent in comparison to PC games as I hardly game on there now. PS3 is my main gaming console. But I do have loads of great games on the PC worth sharing.

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Area 51

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

The Suffering: Ties that Bind