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Battlefield 1 & Boot Camp Training

Hey everyone,

So it has been quite a while since Battlefield 1 was announced. Honestly, this is a welcomed change in the modern and futuristic shooter landscape. Battlefield 1 going to World War 1 in my opinion is a great decision.

Lately I have been thinking about this, I was brought back to the nostalgia of WWII shooters. In most of the ones I played, I remember going through a training boot camp session. There is just something about such a training level that really helps settle in the military tone and setting. Plus they were fun as well, experiencing boot camp activities and more (obviously not necessarily an accurate representation, but still fun).


My hope is that in the campaign for Battlefield 1, they do something like this instead of just throwing us into the action right away and on-wards. Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault started with an action sequence, but it was short enough to maintain interest and then jump into a boot camp session.

Starting off with a boot camp session that helps get the players familiarized with the controls and the whole militaristic war feeling.


~ Monty

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Video Game: Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Hey everyone,

I’m back again with another video game recommendation for you all! This time I bring an open world mafia themed game. This was quite a popular game back when it first released and garnered several glowing praises from critics. The game I’m talking about is “Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven” by Illusion Softworks (later re-branded to 2K Czech).


  • Name: Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
  • Genre: Action/Adventure/Open-world Sandbox
  • Platform(s): PC, PS2, Xbox
  • Year released: 2002

Game Summary: Mafia is a 3D action crime epic set in the seedy underworld of the 1930’s. Rise from the lowly but well-dressed footsoldier, to an envied and feared Made Man in an era of mob hits, car chases, and bootlegging. Earn a reputation as a tough enforcer, daring getaway driver, and deadly hitman in your quest for respect and power within the Salieri Family.

Why I recommend it: This is again a game I remember most fondly and not for graphics. I’m sure most would agree that this game has aged by today’s standards but this game has something most game nowdays don’t. It has a unique style of gameplay and a whole lot of high quality content in it. The only other game I could see beating this one would be Grand Theft Auto III or above.

The focus of the gameplay is to be more realistic, you crash your car in someone else’s car, then your health will be teared off quite a bit. Most games either don’t add such a damage feature or only take of small chunks of health. But not this game, this one is willing to go to town with you on this.

The law system is also some of the finest I’ve seen in any open world game that I’ve played. If you speed, you get a ticket. If you run a red light, you get a ticket. Run over or kill someone, you’ll be arrested. If you resist to any of the actions, then you could find yourself being hunted. Although such status can be evaded after hiding from the cops for a period of time. This law system actually encouraged me to drive within the speed limit and drive properly within a video game. That has never happened before ever.

The gun play also feels heavy, the guns have a good amount of recoil adding to the realistic feeling of firing a gun. And this is from third person! A perspective that is said to be tricky to have proper gun recoil feeling with. Yet a game made in 2002 manages to do this so very well.

The open-world though is nothing to brag about. It is a city where you don’t have much to do, you have two options within the game. One is to play the story where you don’t have opportunities to explore the open world as you’re focused on the story. Or the second from the main menu is to play free roam where you can drive around, shoot other mafia blokes and get in trouble with the law. That’s basically it for the open world aside from little things like refilling the gas on your car and what not. You do also have the opportunity to ride other types of vehicles around town (you don’t control them) to get to certain destinations quicker.

But once you immerse yourself in this great adventure, the open-world can seem interesting. The main gem of this game is the story though, a good story can make or break a game. The story here is fantastic taking you on a variety of objectives.

If you like mafia themed games set in older times (ie. 1930’s), then this game may just fill your hunger. Below are a few screenshots for the game:

Thanks for reading. Catch you all next time!

~ Monty