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A Lucid Bus Journey

Got a little something different for a post today. Hope you enjoy reading! 🙂

Recently I had a lucid dream. In that dream I was at my most peaceful that I have been in days, weeks and perhaps even months. I will start by describing the dream in as much detail as I can.

The dream started with me being at a university, surrounded by my classmates asking questions of our professors, doing our work or chatting to one another. That particular bit of the dream is somewhat cloudy for me as that is not where the lucidness comes into play. This dream you see, it went from being a normal to a lucid dream.

It was when I was on a bus to go home, it was then the dream became a lucid dream. This bus essentially went across the city directly from the university to designated spots throughout the streets. I remember riding the bus with my head resting against the cool glass window. I was looking outside where I was met with a vibrant vermilion colored sky. Occasionally the sun would reveal itself from behind a few clouds to shine a direct glare my way, but it didn’t bother me in the slightest. Instead it made me smile from the warmth my skin felt.

It was during these happy feelings that the dream truly felt lucid. During this whole bus journey, I would look out the window and appreciate the different scenery that would be placed before my eyes. My smile would grow wider just sitting in that seat, relaxing, and enjoying the simplicity of the moment. At the same time I knew this was a dream because a music that I have come to fondly like and somewhat attributed to such moments was playing in the background like it would in a movie.

The musical soundtrack is called: Goodbye by Nurko

Check it out, it is definitely a great song to listen to even if you are not into this type of music necessarily.

With “Goodbye” playing in the back and me sitting there and enjoying the moments, I felt at peace. This peace was something that somehow bled through to my waking reality. The inner peace this one lucid dream provided was profound for me. Lucid dreams never have had this sort of effect on me before to this extent. In my waking reality, I was at peace with my situation even if it is not the best on certain aspects of life right now.

My emotions seemed to be completely calmed and I felt no turbulence inside whatsoever. Although I imagine to others I would look indifferent. This effect has carried over for a few days after that until the effect wore off I suppose.

But at the heart of it all I found myself asking what the lucid dream meant for me as an individual? Is there something specific the dream was trying to tell me?

If the dream was meant to take the bus and symbolize it for something, there would have been no point in making it a lucid dream. The symbolism for the bus would come across just as well. But instead feelings of happiness and peace washed me over. Maybe this was my own sub-conscious telling me to take it easy with life, or it could have been telling me to go on a journey. What type of journey it would be I don’t know.

It could be a physical journey, or a metaphorical one focused on inner change. It could also perhaps be a combination of the two, changing my surroundings to better affect me as an individual. A journey not just in the city, but maybe somewhere rural, just sitting on the bus and watching the land, the sky and taking pleasure in those simple sights.

All I know is that through that dream, I felt more alive than I did ever before without even having the need to show emotions. My insides felt rejuvenated, and no regrets, just peace. The experience in itself was truly enlightening.

Lucid dreams and nightmares have a profound power to affect us, but I have come to learn that these affect us for a good reason perhaps. These dreams are the concoctions of our own mind, our own imagination grinding away to paint these detailed and immersive worlds for us to feel, breathe and transverse through in sort of a “meta-reality”. After all our dreams can show us things we would have never imagined to have seen and help us believe in them at the same time.

I don’t know the exact meaning behind this particular lucid dream, but I am glad to have taken that ride on the bus under the warmth sun rays in a calm cityscape.

~ Mohit


Are We Slaves? + Some Inspiration

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Found this interesting video on YouTube:

And one that has some inspirational and motivational content in it:

Thoughts? Put them in the comments below :).

~ Mohit

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The Spiral that is Life

People sure have created a rather interesting and complex world. I wonder if this was their intention from the start when they first began to civilize. Of course, I say that now but I’m sure the human world will become only more complex with the passage of time.

Within this complex human world, we’re expected to take up certain roles in society for the sake of our own livelihood and to help the fragile and easily exploitable monetary system known as the economy, to keep on flowing.

Recently I was presented with the question, “What do you want to do with your life?”

To that I can only come up with two answers to which I’m not even completely sure of.

world-1452288Answer #1: Do something grand and meaningful that affects the world as a whole. To help push society in the right direction, decrease violence and increase prosperity not only for humans, but other animals on this planet as well. This role I suppose falls under that of a politician. Either that or a non-profit organization perhaps. But if my vision is to remain intact, then the only true way would be to go through the private sector, a more difficult path to walk on.

But I suppose that this answer really stems from some of my inherent thought processes as an INTJ. We are after all known to be constant logical thinkers on such philosophical topics.

small-shop-1230321Answer #2: To move to a small town, that has all the needed facilities without the need for a car or anything of that sort. Live my life in peace in that small quiet town perhaps running a small shop. That shop could be anything, from a cafe to a more service oriented business like a computer repair/setup shop.

But of course this would require a greater deal of personal monetary investment for which I’m not in a position for right now.

See what I mean by interesting world? The way people before me, and those before them have set up the world is where one things speaks the loudest, MONEY. Money is power in this world, with money you can do anything allowed within legal means. But money is also a constant source of greed and distortion in the world.

In a materialistic society, we are taught that greater the financial earning, the greater our success. But personally I don’t believe that to be true. Once you are dead, what good is that money? In fact, you will probably leave behind more debts than money to pay it off with, again thanks to the current system (and perhaps also due to any manageable debt that you did not pay off that you could have).

Knowing all this, leaves me at a very unknown location still asking, “What do I want to do with myself in the future?”

decisions-decisions-decisions-1188729On one hand, there is that desire to be the conductor for change. But on the other hand, there is that desire to lead a quiet, peaceful life in a small town somewhere, away from the city and the materialistic culture that blankets them.

But I also know that the future is very uncertain. What I do, what I say can help decide paths for me. But I will never have complete knowledge of where those paths lead, not knowing that is both scary and exciting.

We humans certainly do continue to create a more complex world with every passing day. We may think with certain policies, laws and new inventions we are improving life, but is it really?

This truly is a complex world we have created.


Thanks for stopping by and reading.

~ Mohit