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Is this World TOO COMPLEX?

It’s been a while since I posted anything on here (as usual). So let’s fix that :).


Is this world too complex?

That is a question that I have been asking myself lately. So let’s take a look at some things that may make this world complex.

keep-calm-and-screw-politicsThere is politics, boy what a battlefield that is. But the funny thing about politics is that in the grand scheme of things in regards to planet Earth, it is all irrelevant. People don’t need politics to live, they are just there because it helps bring people into “twisted” power to govern the human world. These powers also make way for sometimes unnecessary legislation that are created just to keep several lawyers and other people employed. But those same legislation may end up making the life of the average person more difficult.

On top of that, the fact that there are permits for basically anything and everything in more developed nations nowdays makes life more complicated. For example, if you want to do some construction work on your OWN property, you need a permit. I guess its another way for the government to make money and keep track of what is happening in THEIR city. It’s like we need to ask for permission for almost everything nowdays.

But that isn’t what peaks the complication mountain for the human world. No, the worst of all is things like social media. It creates unnecessary drama, and should be purged. In fact social media should only be left for professional and or positive uses. Or have people that are constantly checking these sites to purge any drama related content. It makes life unnecessarily complicated for people. Because this drama is over the internet between people who most likely don’t know one another.


I can go online right now and start up some crap with another stranger online, what will that gain us? Nothing really other than some superficial attention. It will complicate life for no reason.


Society used to be simple, life used to be simple. In today’s technological world, people say that life is better than ever before. But is it really?

Look at all the regulations you have to abide by, and I’m talking about the ones that involve filling out a crap ton of legal paper work. Look at the lack of respect so many companies have for their customers, they are only their money bags after all. In the past, there was a sense of respect and to some degree honor between the two in the form of loyalty.

Don’t get me wrong, loyalty still exists. But in the form of professional loyalty, its harder to come by as so many people get riddled into the politics of the work place. So many people get distorted by the unnecessary politics and drama and so that trust, loyalty and honor start becoming meaningless.


No, life is not simple. The human world is too complicated.

I look out the window to sometimes see rabbits passing by during the night. What do they do? Eat, drink water, sleep and occasionally mate whenever it’s mating season.

That is the definition of a simple life. They fight for survival on an equal playing field called Nature. In human society, those born into richer families have an advantage (at least for some time). Not all are born equal in the human world, but they are in Mother Nature.

The human world is too complicated. And it saddens me to say that it will only get more complicated from here on-wards thanks to the way we have evolved as a species.


But there is one benefit to all these complications, sooner or later people are bound to realize that the world can be and is really simple. Maybe that realization may change many things that make this human world so complicated right now.


Work towards a simpler life and a simpler human world.

~ Monty


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Social Media may be Distorting Us

Hey everyone,

Been a while since I wrote a post on here. This time I thought to write on the topic of social media.

Now let me first get this out of the way, I have nothing against social media. Social media is a tool, the meaning to that tool is given through how it is used. My main concern lies with the usage and the meaning it’s users (not all though) maybe giving it.

To start of, what sparked my interest in writing a quick post about this is thanks to the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HffWFd_6bJ0

In the video the main worrying point discussed for me was the fact that social media can act a lot like drugs or alcohol, giving instant gratification with the chance of becoming addictive.

This is not false, social media definitely has that gratification feeling to it that generally is similar to say alcohol. When you are drunk, you are taken on a “ride” thanks to the release of dopamine in your brain. Social media does the same. But unlike alcohol which is less likely to be consumed 24×7 by everyone, social media can affect many for a lot of their time during the day, and it can even be 24×7.

Let’s look at another video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QWoP6jJG3k

The main point in this video is talking about the importance of “fame” to young kids these days who use social media. Because let’s be honest here, we all like having our work be acknowledged. Knowing that someone out there acknowledged our work is definitely going to give us some gratification. But as the video also discusses, there is also the opportunity to have your work be slandered online, or worse, you could be cyber bullied.

There is also the interesting point of day dreaming and imagination in that video. According to the video, teens don’t tend to drift off as much as they would have in the days without social media or any of the technology we have today. I agree that it helps train the mind to be more empathetic, but it also keeps the imagination healthy and alive. Why else do we see kids losing their imagination as they grow up? This would be one of those reasons. They are too busy trying to obtain “fame”/instant gratification online for causes that may mean nothing in the long run.

Social media as I said before is a tool. The meaning is given to that tool through its usage. People who use social media to help share causes they care about to BETTER THE WORLD, or help share useful and practical knowledge, in my opinion you are doing it RIGHT.

To those that use it in the hopes of being famous, thinking only about the likes, use it as a means to bully others or drown out MEANINGFUL content with junk posts, you are doing it WRONG.

Social media definitely has distorted us, and by effect our society to some extent. I can understand more and more now why the Millennial generation is called the Me generation. By the way, I’m from the Millennial generation.

Another good point brought up in the second video is the change in values being taught in shows these days. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree to the values being taught by the older TV shows, but one thing is abundantly clear that media has a HUGE effect on our minds. This also proves that media is just another means of controlling the populace through the messages shows send out nowdays.

Personally I’m glad I didn’t have a cell phone until I was in my 20’s. Nor did I have any social media accounts despite the pros I would hear about it from my friends at times. It kept me away from all the social media craze, it gave me moments to myself to be imaginative, creative and it also what helped me develop my interest in writing and some other creative hobbies. Had I been part of that social media craze from a much younger age, I’m sure I would be a very different person today.

To end this post, I have another video. This one is rather comedic, but also true to some extent and very well animated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZfvogC6G3k

~ Monty


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Personality Type & Discrimination

rodin-thinker-silhouette-1237828In all the time I have spent studying the Myers-Briggs personality types, and believe me it is a long time, I came across a particular trend.

Humans by nature like to organize things categorically. People are no exception to this “hobby”. Don’t believe me? Look at the current world structure. The world is divided by borders of different countries. In those countries, there are citizens who are in the government database neatly stored and organized. On your passport it says which country you are from. Further organizing and labeling you into a group than from the country someone else would be from.

So what is this trend I mentioned before? It is simply the trend of organizing other people into different personality types.

But you may ask, what does organizing people have to do with personality type discrimination? When you as the observer LABEL someone a personality type, what are you doing? You’re organizing them into a particular group. But that is not where the discrimination stems from necessarily. It is based on the individual’s biases.

I’ve come across insulting statements against other personality types, basically saying that the world may be better off without them. Those that do discriminate, learn to accept the world as it is because personality types at best are nothing more than a label at the end of the day.

No one with say ENFP traits would be completely same as another person with ENFP personality type at the end of the day. People differ, personality types don’t matter as much as some think they do. What matters is that you are able to look past the imperfections of other individuals to accept them as they are.

Complaining for someone to change won’t make them change. They have no obligation to change just because you say they need to. If they are happy as they are and not hurting anyone in the process, good on them, more power to them!

question-mark-1236555But if you try to discriminate against other personality types, what do you get out of it?

Is it a sense of personal satisfaction?

Is it a sense of deluded superiority?

Does discriminating help you prove something to yourself or others?

Discrimination is based off of fearing or rejecting what we don’t understand. A more mainstream example would be the time where American-Blacks were discriminated against widely in America in the past. They still are to a certain extent, heck everyone in the world is. But the truth of the matter is, those people are humans just like us. They need to eat, breath, drink water and sleep to survive. Same is true for any human on this planet.

So why the discrimination? When looking past all the personality types, religions, politics and any trivial feelings, we are all of the same kind. We are all humans.


Hope you enjoyed that read!

~ Monty

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The Spiral that is Life

People sure have created a rather interesting and complex world. I wonder if this was their intention from the start when they first began to civilize. Of course, I say that now but I’m sure the human world will become only more complex with the passage of time.

Within this complex human world, we’re expected to take up certain roles in society for the sake of our own livelihood and to help the fragile and easily exploitable monetary system known as the economy, to keep on flowing.

Recently I was presented with the question, “What do you want to do with your life?”

To that I can only come up with two answers to which I’m not even completely sure of.

world-1452288Answer #1: Do something grand and meaningful that affects the world as a whole. To help push society in the right direction, decrease violence and increase prosperity not only for humans, but other animals on this planet as well. This role I suppose falls under that of a politician. Either that or a non-profit organization perhaps. But if my vision is to remain intact, then the only true way would be to go through the private sector, a more difficult path to walk on.

But I suppose that this answer really stems from some of my inherent thought processes as an INTJ. We are after all known to be constant logical thinkers on such philosophical topics.

small-shop-1230321Answer #2: To move to a small town, that has all the needed facilities without the need for a car or anything of that sort. Live my life in peace in that small quiet town perhaps running a small shop. That shop could be anything, from a cafe to a more service oriented business like a computer repair/setup shop.

But of course this would require a greater deal of personal monetary investment for which I’m not in a position for right now.

See what I mean by interesting world? The way people before me, and those before them have set up the world is where one things speaks the loudest, MONEY. Money is power in this world, with money you can do anything allowed within legal means. But money is also a constant source of greed and distortion in the world.

In a materialistic society, we are taught that greater the financial earning, the greater our success. But personally I don’t believe that to be true. Once you are dead, what good is that money? In fact, you will probably leave behind more debts than money to pay it off with, again thanks to the current system (and perhaps also due to any manageable debt that you did not pay off that you could have).

Knowing all this, leaves me at a very unknown location still asking, “What do I want to do with myself in the future?”

decisions-decisions-decisions-1188729On one hand, there is that desire to be the conductor for change. But on the other hand, there is that desire to lead a quiet, peaceful life in a small town somewhere, away from the city and the materialistic culture that blankets them.

But I also know that the future is very uncertain. What I do, what I say can help decide paths for me. But I will never have complete knowledge of where those paths lead, not knowing that is both scary and exciting.

We humans certainly do continue to create a more complex world with every passing day. We may think with certain policies, laws and new inventions we are improving life, but is it really?

This truly is a complex world we have created.


Thanks for stopping by and reading.

~ Monty