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LightExistence App Blog

Hey everyone,

After finally finishing the free motivational LightExistence Android app, I prepared a new blog to help promote it as well as discuss some topics on there that I won’t on here.

The topics I’ll talk about on there will relate to mental health and motivation primarily as the goal is to help those who are in need of motivation. To help those who feel empty inside, find that they have difficulty again finding the passion they once had.

It would be fantastic if you would take a minute or two to pop on over there real quick and perhaps drop a follow. Not only will that help the blog grow but also help grow the awareness for my free app, and potentially help more people that way.

Link to LightExistence blog: https://lightexistenceblog.wordpress.com/


~ Monty


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Android App Dev: Thoughts on Android App Development

Hey everyone,

This post is more geared towards those who may wonder what Android App Development is like. You may have questions such as:

  • Is it easy to get into it?
  • What sorts of hurdles are there?
  • Can I just pick up my laptop and get started?

I’ll take my time in answering these questions later on down the post. But first my own opinions. Android App Development like any software development can be time consuming and sometime even costly depending on the resources you need. For example: If you’re creating a social space app, you’ll most likely need servers to store user information and display information. Renting those servers can cost quite a bit of money, the amount can only increase depending on the popularity and number of users within your app.

The costs can also play a role in hiring developers if you are not able to code and design the app yourself. But keep in mind that with developers it is not a fixed cost all the time, it can vary from person to person. Sometimes the cost may also scale up as the work goes on. And if you plan to run any paid promotions for your app (marketing is important), then that will factor into the costs as well. So unless you plan to design and develop an app yourself, and use free marketing tools, you better be loaded on a pretty reasonable budget for your app idea.

Now to answer the questions I asked before.

Q: Is it easy to get into?

A: The development bit, yes. The bit where you try to make money from it, not really unless you are sitting on a goldmine idea. There are loads of app on the Play Store, meaning loads of competition. Pretty much every trending category has been saturated from what I’ve observed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make any money, just don’t go in expecting trucks to drive up to your house with boat loads of money.

Q: What sorts of hurdles are there?

A: This depends on your competency with app/software development. If you’re comfortable designing and programming your own app, then congrats you’ll save some money! But you’ll also be able to work on your own schedule and keep on track more easily.

If you’re comfortable with marketing, great you’re another step closer to having your app reach out to many people. If not, either do your best or hire someone to do it for you which will only add to the costs. But social media is powerful and free to use (unless you run ad campaigns), so utilize it.

The major hurdle that may stand in your way is publishing the app. You need to get a developer’s account and setup a merchant account (if you monetize your app). However setting up a merchant’s account from my experience so far has indicated that Google really wants to cater to those who are in it for the long run, who are serious about this and treat it as a business. But that doesn’t mean that an independent developer can’t make a few bucks on the side. There are always ways to overcome hurdles.

Then of course another hurdle would be submitting your app for review and hope it gets through. But that is something everyone has to go through, so it is more like part of the procedure than a hurdle.

Q: Can I just pick up my laptop and get started?

A: Yes, the great thing about Android Studio (development environment) is that it will work on Linux, OS X and Windows. It is not restricted to one OS unlike XCode (iOS Development). So as long as your laptop or computer is capable of running Android Studio, and optionally an emulator to test your apps on the computer (else you’ll need a physical Android device), you should be good to go!

Every platform has its pros and cons and Android is certainly no exception. But I’ll say from personal experience, Android seems to be more open as far as entry barriers go. Hope this post helps someone out. Catch you all on the next one!

~ Monty

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Android Dev: What I’ve been up to

Hey everyone,

For the past 2 months or so I had been working on an android app. Though due to various circumstances that app was split into 2 apps for monetization purposes, one will be free while one will be paid. The two apps I’ve been working on both tackle depression with a  very specific aim in mind.

This aim is to motivate the users of the app again and to learn through a three step process form their depression. When we experience depression, we tend to lose our motivation for all things, sometimes that can include life itself. Having gone through this process myself I can say it is quite a sad thing to go through, but at the same time important for it adds to our knowledge and experience.

Through the usage of various media forms, and a mini-guide I wrote, I hope to help the users of the apps overcome their depression. But it should be kept in mind that these apps will never be a replacement for professional medical aid as I’m no certified doctor :). I’ll probably create another blog soon to specifically promote the free app. On there you’ll be able to see the app’s features and its value to you as a user.

Link to blog: https://lightexistenceblog.wordpress.com/

Hope you all have a great day!

~ Monty

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Been a while

Wow so it has been a while since I posted anything on here. Sucks I know but I don’t tend to pay as much attention to blogging and what not as I used to before. Which should be evident from my lack of posting on here. Hopefully I maybe able to turn that around, who knows?

I’ll also be starting a new blog to “promote” a FREE android app I’ve been working on once I get a Play Store account. That wordpress blog will probably get a lot more updates than this one. Actually this one might be lucky enough to get one or two, in a month…or a year…I MAKE NO PROMISES! 😉

Now on to what I can do with this blog. I could always go ahead into reviewing anime and manga, or do recommendations since I’m pretty big into that. Same with video games. YouTube videos have taken a back seat thanks to the time they take to produce. Also for my writing (fiction stories), I’ll probably just post up links to the actual piece itself than to post it up here. It just is easier that way for me.

Anyways, once I’ve some direction for this blog, I’ll post on here whenever I get the time…or remember to. Until then, stay frosty! Because its winter here and you can be frosty during winter heh heh…I’ll just see myself out now.

~ Monty

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