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Links to Fiction Stories

Hey everyone,

Here you’ll find basic information and links for the stories I’ve written and posted online. The format here may change from time to time, just letting you know as I’ll experiment with different style and what not.

Also for anyone wondering, no I won’t make entries here for every story I’ve written so far. The ones that are already published won’t be touched upon, but the ones I’m working on right now and publishing will be mentioned here. So if you want to read my older stories, please go to my FictionPress profile.

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 Get Over It (Short Story)

Get Over ItType: Fiction

Genre: Slice of Life/Drama

Summary: Mitch stood by the river side wondering why things had to happen the way they did. As he skipped stones that sweet voice kept on echoing in his ears, that moment kept on flashing before his eyes. Yet even in the darkest of times, one can always find comfort in the words of a trusted friend. A short slice of life & drama story.

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7 Wonders of the Unknown

7-wonders-of-the-unknownType: Fiction

Genre: Slice of Life/Supernatural

Summary: There are so many things we do not know yet. So much knowledge and so many wonderful encounters we have yet to experience. It is said that there are seven wonders that those with special sight can experience. These wonders pertain to the afterlife world and the unknown. I want to experience it, no, I need to experience it. I am…curious.

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Chapters List:

  1. 1st Wonder – A Journey to the Past
  2. 2nd Wonder – Angel Fairies
  3. 3rd Wonder – The Cat Cafe
  4. 4the Wonder – Galaxy Express Railway
  5. 5th Wonder – Soul Boat
  6. 6th Wonder – World Finder
  7. 7th Wonder – Infinite Climb
  8. Revelation

Featured Review(s):

  • “This was my favorite chapter out of all because the existential reasoning is so very much like mine. You’ve done a good job with this story.”