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Manga: Doubt

Hey everyone, I come back to you all with another manga recommendation. This is for a manga that has been a rather surprising read for me from the first time I read it. The manga’s name is “Doubt”.


  • Name: Doubt
  • Author: Tonogai Yoshiki
  • Genre: Horror/Mystery/Psychological/Tragedy

Summary:There is a rather popular but somewhat secretive game being played around Japan known as “Rabbit Doubt”. All the players within the game are considered “rabbits” within a “colony”, and one randomly chosen player is considered a wolf in disguise. Every round the wold will kill a rabbit, then the group will try to gather as much evidence as they can and investigate as to who the wolf could be.

This game can be played online or sometimes some meet up in person to make things more interesting. Yuu, Mitsuki, Rei, Hajime, Eiji and Haruka are a group of players who agreed to meet up in person to execute the game. But something goes very wrong when one of them decides to take on the mantle of the wolf, and has already killed once. Now it is up to the rabbits to figure out who the wolf is while fighting for their very survival.

Why I recommend it: If you’re a fan of thriller, mystery and horror manga then you’re bound to enjoy this. And don’t let the first few chapters fool you on what this manga is about. It may seem like run of the mill slasher manga, but after a few chapters things will start to heat up. This manga seems to play quite a lot on the reader’s assumptions and pulls a twist on just when you think you’ve got the identity of the murderer.

This manga is great for anyone who loves to apply their mind to engaging mysteries and at the same time read about them. Below are a few images to let you see the manga’s art style.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this gives you something new to read!

~ Monty


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Manga: Aria

Hey everyone,

This time I thought to make a manga recommendation. As with the video game one I decided to focus this on one I hold very close to my heart and has perhaps helped teach me a great many things. If you’re an avid manga reader then most likely you will have come across the term/genre “slice of life”. If you enjoy reading manga that is purely slice of life, then you’ll definitely enjoy this one.


  • Name: Aria
  • Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life
  • Brief Summary: The basic story follows Akari’s adventures on a terraformed Mars set within the city of Neo-Venezia (based on the Italian city of Venice). She goes to Mars to fulfill her dreams of becoming an Undine, those that navigate water gondolas through the streets of Neo-Venezia for many different roles. These roles can include, making deliveries, running small errands for others, but the prime role is that of a taking tourists around Neo-Venezia with an enlightening commentary about the city.

Why I recommend it: This is one of those pure slice of life stories that has a certain magic to it. Whenever I finished a chapter, I always finished it with a smile feeling that warm fuzzy feeling inside. This manga also has so many concepts and lessons in there that can be applicable to our life, this is a great manga to teach kids about certain topics. Plus the easy going nature, no violence in there what so ever, everyone just having a grand old good time appreciating what they have right now, and going on small adventures or sometimes making their own adventures makes for a fantastic read.

I would even argue that this manga can perhaps help change your life like with any good story telling. This manga has that feel to it that you would not find in the mainstream mangas that are more focused on action and telling a big story most of the time. This one is for those who want to kick back, get lost in the world this manga presents and the people within it. And trust me, if you fully engage yourself with this manga you’re bound to get lost in this world and come out happy.

I remember reading this non-stop in one sitting once. While that was a bit taxing, it was still a worthy read as every time I go back to it I learn something new from it. I give a standing ovation to the mangaka of this manga for she has done the slice of life genre justice. Mangas like these come along so rarely, but the great thing is that they will still retain their magic because they’re so rare in this day and age.

Below are a few pictures from the manga itself:


I hope this gives you something to read and that it affects you as positively as it did to me.

~ Monty