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A blog to showcase my creative and technical work. Talk about what I like to talk about.

About the Author

Hey there, thanks for stopping by to this page about little ol’ me! 🙂

As you may guess from the title, I’m the author and moderator of this blog. I’ve been writing creative fiction for about 6 years now. I do tend to post it up online for people to read, you can check it out here.

Outside of writing, I love listening to music, especially the type that is away from the mainstream music. I also love to create videos on YouTube from time to time, although that is rare. But if you’re interested, you can check that out here.

For my background, I do come from a technical background primarily (Computer Science & Database Administration). Recently I got my feet wet in Android App Development, I even created an app that I plan to release soon. So you may see technical posts or discussions on here (although I doubt that would happen very often).

If you want, you can also check out my twitter here.

As for what type of a writer am I when it comes to creative writing? I like to write about whatever interests me. The stories I can come up with, I try to diversify my writing now within the appropriate genres in accordance with my ideas.

What type of blog writer am I? That’s a tough question to answer because honestly I don’t write on one particular topic in this blog all the time. I’ll try to diversify here as well, but at the same time keep it so that I know where I’m going with the blog.

Hope you stick around for more content from me, thanks for stopping by!

~ Monty