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Our culture’s obsession with money: killing our soul as well as the planet?

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“Money is the root of all evil”. That’s a truism that isn’t technically true. Money itself is neither good nor bad — it’s neutral. And, in spite of what we tell ourselves, it has NO inherent value other than that which we ascribe to it. It’s just a dirty old scrap of paper or a lump of metal that we all pretend has some special worth and so we devote our lives to acquiring as much of it as possible.

Many people become so hardened by their relentless pursuit of wealth that they cease caring who or what they have to trample on to get it. People are actually willing to KILL in order to amass money, and frequently do. I recently read about a British guy who was selling fake bomb-detectors to countries like Iraq. He knew they actually didn’t do anything, and he surely must have known that…

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