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Movies & Video Games Inventory – Database


Note: This is only meant to be a written demo explaining certain aspects of the database application.

Application information:

  • Name: Movies & Video Games Inventory Application
  • Coded in: SQL
  • Database Engine: Oracle11g
  • Development Environment: SQLPlus & Apex
  • Platforms: Any that is able to run Oracle11g & has a web browser to use Apex with.

Purpose of the Application:

The purpose of this application is to store an inventory of different movies and video games in the user’s possession. Then through the web graphical interface designed in Apex, the user will be able to view the information in the database.

Program Functionality:

Database Structure – ERD:

Note: If observed closely, you will notice that there are two relationship crow’s feet extending to Movie table from Genre table, and two to Video Game table. This is because of the two genre columns in the Movie and Video Game table. The two columns are there to acts as a primary and secondary genre.


Tables in SQLPlus:


Viewing entries in Apex:


In the image above, the entries are shown via a table list format. Initially all the entries are shown, but there are a series of buttons at the top that allow for users to view entries by genres. There is also a search bar to let them directly search for any entry they maybe looking for.

The table also has the feature of organizing data through column priority and searches. For example, if you wanted to organize the columns in ascendant format through the ID column, you can. If you wanted to search the columns for a particular entry, you can.

The user also has the option to view entry details by pressing on the ID of the entry they are looking for.

Majority of the same options are applicable to the Video Games tab.

Viewing entry details in Apex:


The details will display the information stored in the various columns within the Movie table. As the information is spread across various tables and stored as numbers in the Movie table aside from a few things, it is retrieved using joins and displayed in the appropriate column. This page also displays the movie front and back cover in full size.

Majority of the same features are applicable to the Video Games tab.

Room for Improvement:

This database program can definitely be improved upon as I see it right now. Some thing(s) I see that could use improvements are:

  • Add an ability to keep track of whether you have loaned the item to someone or not.
    • Who have you loaned it to?
  • Improving UI design
  • Potentially adding in some metrics features via Apex.
  • Add in edit, insert & delete features for general movie and video game entries (features already exist for their image covers)
  • Look to compressing down the image sizes to help save space in database as well as display at a good quality.


This was a great project to work on in my down time. It is also quite practical for personal uses as it helps keep an inventory of my movies and video games. No doubt in the future this will see some modifications, and maybe a brand new face to the interface.


Author: Monty Mason

Passionate about creative content creation of different varieties, programming and exploring new technologies.

2 thoughts on “Movies & Video Games Inventory – Database

  1. Many-To-Many/ One-To-Many database relationships… ayayaye this thing gives me nightmares loll 😛

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