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LightExistence Guide & More App – Android

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Note: This is only meant to be a written demo explaining certain aspects of the application.

App can be downloaded via this URL – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dynamesproductions.montymason.lightexistence_depression_miniguideandmore

Application information:

  • Name: LightExistence: Guide & More
  • Coded in: Java & XML
  • Development Environment: Android Studio
  • Platforms: Android Devices (Phones & Tablets)

Purpose of the Application:

The purpose of this application is to provide tools & content for those that are depressed, to help them overcome their depression. This is my second app that was developed alongside the first, “LightExistence”.

I created this application due to my personal experiences and lessons with depression. There are several fantastic applications that are coded to provide useful tools, but I never found any to be centered around the themes of inspiration and motivation. This created an opportunity for me to help others with my programming knowledge..

Program Functionality:

The program contains the following features:

  • Mini-Guide: A guide written by me on depression that is primarily intended to inspire and motivate.
  • Motivational Tips: Randomly generated motivational tips to help you stay motivated.
  • Resources: Contains useful extra resources to help with your depression.

Room for Improvement:

This app can definitely be improved upon. Some thing(s) I see that could use improvement(s) is/are:

  • Improving UI design


This was a great second app to work on that is designed to help others with depression, but it also helped me as I made it during a tough period in life. This project also gave me an opportunity to express my thoughts and beliefs on depression and how beneficial it can be within certain circumstances due to its trans-formative properties in the form of a mini-guide.


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