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Battlefield 1 & Boot Camp Training

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Hey everyone,

So it has been quite a while since Battlefield 1 was announced. Honestly, this is a welcomed change in the modern and futuristic shooter landscape. Battlefield 1 going to World War 1 in my opinion is a great decision.

Lately I have been thinking about this, I was brought back to the nostalgia of WWII shooters. In most of the ones I played, I remember going through a training boot camp session. There is just something about such a training level that really helps settle in the military tone and setting. Plus they were fun as well, experiencing boot camp activities and more (obviously not necessarily an accurate representation, but still fun).


My hope is that in the campaign for Battlefield 1, they do something like this instead of just throwing us into the action right away and on-wards. Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault started with an action sequence, but it was short enough to maintain interest and then jump into a boot camp session.

Starting off with a boot camp session that helps get the players familiarized with the controls and the whole militaristic war feeling.


~ Mohit

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