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Personality Type & Discrimination

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rodin-thinker-silhouette-1237828In all the time I have spent studying the Myers-Briggs personality types, and believe me it is a long time, I came across a particular trend.

Humans by nature like to organize things categorically. People are no exception to this “hobby”. Don’t believe me? Look at the current world structure. The world is divided by borders of different countries. In those countries, there are citizens who are in the government database neatly stored and organized. On your passport it says which country you are from. Further organizing and labeling you into a group than from the country someone else would be from.

So what is this trend I mentioned before? It is simply the trend of organizing other people into different personality types.

But you may ask, what does organizing people have to do with personality type discrimination? When you as the observer LABEL someone a personality type, what are you doing? You’re organizing them into a particular group. But that is not where the discrimination stems from necessarily. It is based on the individual’s biases.

I’ve come across insulting statements against other personality types, basically saying that the world may be better off without them. Those that do discriminate, learn to accept the world as it is because personality types at best are nothing more than a label at the end of the day.

No one with say ENFP traits would be completely same as another person with ENFP personality type at the end of the day. People differ, personality types don’t matter as much as some think they do. What matters is that you are able to look past the imperfections of other individuals to accept them as they are.

Complaining for someone to change won’t make them change. They have no obligation to change just because you say they need to. If they are happy as they are and not hurting anyone in the process, good on them, more power to them!

question-mark-1236555But if you try to discriminate against other personality types, what do you get out of it?

Is it a sense of personal satisfaction?

Is it a sense of deluded superiority?

Does discriminating help you prove something to yourself or others?

Discrimination is based off of fearing or rejecting what we don’t understand. A more mainstream example would be the time where American-Blacks were discriminated against widely in America in the past. They still are to a certain extent, heck everyone in the world is. But the truth of the matter is, those people are humans just like us. They need to eat, breath, drink water and sleep to survive. Same is true for any human on this planet.

So why the discrimination? When looking past all the personality types, religions, politics and any trivial feelings, we are all of the same kind. We are all humans.


Hope you enjoyed that read!

~ Mohit


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