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Slice of Life is the King genre


Let me preface this post by saying that whatever views are expressed in this post, are my OPINIONS.

women-sunset-landscapesHaving read manga for a long time, watched anime for a long time and occasionally reading fiction books, I’ve come to a conclusion. By far my favorite genre regardless of medium  easily has been “Slice of Life”. Slice of life for those unaware is, taking the mundane life of a character and presenting it in a mysterious, adventurous and positive manner to the viewer/reader.

In fact your life, and my life itself is slice of life. Whatever happens everyday to us is considered slice of life. If you think your everyday adventures (or routine, whichever your prefer) are boring, then look again. But look at it with a more positive mindset thinking of the fun you can have in every activity you do. Think of the little adventure every activity provides.

man-cleaningFor example, something as simple as washing dishes can be fun. Knowing that you’re the one doing the hard work and see it pay off with clean, shiny dishes again is a reward in itself.

Slice of life is the ability to take pleasures in the simple things of life. I love this genre more than any other because of the positive messages it sends, and the happy feelings I get every time from reading it. This genre has also taught me a lot in the past, and still continues to do so. It has taught me that even in the toughest challenges, there is some fun that can be derived from it no matter what we may think or feel like.

8a1dcc058f13ad94c3fb3872d5ac17f7No matter the negativity of the world, there will always be some positivity. It is our job to feed off of the positivity to keep our minds healthy rather than turn to the negative thinking. There are enough negative thinkers in the world already, so I would rather make an effort to remain optimistic and positive.

Slice of Life is a genre that will keep on giving no matter how many stories you read within it. It is a genre to teach you countless lessons, for which you will be grateful for as time goes on. My most favorite cup of tea will always remain to be “Slice of Life”. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and reading this post. Please indulge yourself in my other entries in this blog.

Hope you stick around for future posts.

~ Mohit


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2 thoughts on “Slice of Life is the King genre

  1. Thanks for your kind words. Thank you for reading :).

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