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Video Game: The Suffering Ties that Bind

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Hey everyone,

Today I bring another video game recommendation all the way back from when I first took a serious interest in gaming. The game is “The Suffering: Ties that Bind” by Surreal Software, and published by Midway Games.


  • Name: The Suffering: Ties that Bind
  • Genre: Action/Adventure/Psychological Horror
  • Platform(s): Windows, PS2 & Xbox
  • Year released: 2005

Game Summary (From the box): The City has it’s demons…but so do you. An inescapable enemy taunts and beckons Torque, even as he fights to rid the horror from the streets. The dark heart of the city can seem very much like a prison, if you let it.

Lead Torque on an all-new battle through the mean streets of an urban nightmare.

Customize your insanity: use good or evil rage mode to destroy your enemies.

Dozens of new monsters and a few old favorites await your wraith.

Use anything from pipes to rocket launchers to exact your revenge.

Why I recommend it: If you’re one of those first-person/third-person shooter fans who like fast paced combat with at least a mediocre story thrown into the mix, you’ll like this one.

As the box said, you can use anything from a lead pipe to a rocket launcher for combat and that is true. There is both melee combat as well as some pretty good gun play involved. The environments aren’t too bad either in the opening levels. But they can seem repetitive quite quickly later on into the game due to it’s bland colors (it is an urban city after all that is meant to be shrouded in gloom).

The enemy designs, some of which were done by the Stan Winston Studio are great. On top of that, Torque’s rage mode designs for all the affinities (good, neutral or evil) are always a treat to see in action. One of the best things about the rage mode is that every affinity carries a different set of powers. To get your status within the good or evil scale, you are usually presented with a choice to help someone (good), leave them be (neutral) or kill them (evil, even if it is by accident).

As you may imagine, the different affinities will result in different endings, and openings once you’ve achieved an ending once in the game.

One thing to note is that since this is a Midway game, they have used disc protection that makes it difficult to get running on Windows Vista or higher. XP or below is fine, but others are a no go. Your best bet in that case will be to download a digital copy. I’m unsure on this but you maybe legally able to obtain a digital copy since Midway went out of business and some of their games have been put up for legal download.

So if you like fast paced combat with a psychological horror esque story, then this maybe the next game you may want to try. Below are a few screenshots to get a quick look at the game:

Catch you all next time!

~ Monty

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