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Video Game: Area 51

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For my very first recommendation, I’ll be recommending a game that was and still is to some extent close to me. That game is Area 51 by Midway Studios Austin.


  • Name: Area 51
  • Genre: Sci-Fi/Action First Person Shooter
  • Platform: PC, Xbox, PS2
  • Year released: 2005

Game Summary: Area 51 is a tense FPS revolving around the titular hidden government site, Area 51. Discover the mind-blowing truth about UFO’s, Roswell, Alien Autopsies and more as you blast your way through the U.S. Government’s most secured and secure military facility: Area 51 (Summary on the box). The game also has support for multiplayer, some very imaginative weapons and content put in there that I’ve yet to see another Sci-Fi game surpass.

Why I recommend it: The game is just plain fun. It has a great single player with a good story, something that is rare in FPS games that I find nowdays in the gaming industry. There is also a challenge for those seeking it through higher difficulty levels that increase the learning curve.

The game also has some very fun weapons to use, especially the more alien type weapons that are a blast! Some of the alien designs are very unique and fun to battle. Although some do tend to borrow from previous trends.

Unfortunately the game’s multiplayer has shut down due to Midway closing its doors, but I did hear that someone managed to figure out how to play it again. If I remember correctly, it had to do with manipulating some game file(s) to add in a specific IP Address. But the game with its single player alone is plenty enough.

If you like a good Sci-Fi Action game with a story while a little cheesy, but still incredibly good fun to play through, then this is right up your alley. And the best part about this game now is that it is FREE to download on PC. You can always hunt down a physical copy if you want, but that would really make sense only for the consoles.

Keep in mind if you want to get the PC copy of this game, make sure it is digital as the physical copies come with disc protection that only wants to work on Windows XP or 2000. If you have the disc, it won’t work on Windows Vista or higher.

Below are a few screenshots to let you see the game itself:


Hopefully this gives you a game to play through that you haven’t had the opportunity to yet. Catch you all on the next post! 🙂

~ Monty


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