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Been a while

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Wow so it has been a while since I posted anything on here. Sucks I know but I don’t tend to pay as much attention to blogging and what not as I used to before. Which should be evident from my lack of posting on here. Hopefully I maybe able to turn that around, who knows?

I’ll also be starting a new blog to “promote” a FREE android app I’ve been working on once I get a Play Store account. That wordpress blog will probably get a lot more updates than this one. Actually this one might be lucky enough to get one or two, in a month…or a year…I MAKE NO PROMISES! 😉

Now on to what I can do with this blog. I could always go ahead into reviewing anime and manga, or do recommendations since I’m pretty big into that. Same with video games. YouTube videos have taken a back seat thanks to the time they take to produce. Also for my writing (fiction stories), I’ll probably just post up links to the actual piece itself than to post it up here. It just is easier that way for me.

Anyways, once I’ve some direction for this blog, I’ll post on here whenever I get the time…or remember to. Until then, stay frosty! Because its winter here and you can be frosty during winter heh heh…I’ll just see myself out now.

~ Mohit


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